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Tessa Smit teaches me how to transform my life.

The Board of Knowledge

Do you keep encountering the same problems? Don’t you know how to break this pattern?
Then you have now found a solution!

The Board of Knowledge is a very effective method for spiritual development.
The Board is given by sending someone an energetic “Opening”. This can happen during a treatment or on distance.
And the beauty is: you never stop learning!
As long as we exist, everyone will develop spiritually. You do this in the way that suits you most.
The Board of Knowledge energy always adapts to your way, so it will start to take you to the next step on your development!
This energy influences the finding of the right direction so it doesn’t matter how you shape your road along the way.
For this reason you can also give someone a session as a gift, even without them knowing about it. Because that person is also on his or her path through life and can always use some directions.
The goal of everyone’s path through life is total Enlightenment. The Board will provide some light on your way, right where you can use it. This makes it easier for you to choose the direction towards Enlightenment.

I have been educated and initiated to give Openings, upgrades and initiations of the Board of Knowledge 1 to 5, Board of Angels, Board of Gems 1 and 2 and Angel Healing with Gemstones.
Tip: please also consider animals that can use some help!