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The New White Time Initiation

Good news!!!

As of Mai first 2012 it's possible to receive a new initiation for Universal White Time Healing. This initiation is very intense and has a beautiful, purifying energy!

The greatest effect is that this initiation will considerably heighten the quality of the healing power for everyone that has done one or more Universal White Time Healing courses.
This initiation can also be received more than once.

During the new initiation no less than 42 blockages will be removed and you will heighten your spiritual level by 30.000 steps!!! (By comparison: the upgrade after level 4 is 10.000 steps)

On June seventh 2012 I was granted this initiation myself at the assistant head teacher level. This means that I can now initiate not only students, but also normal teachers and high teachers.
I am filled with gratitude that this opportunity has now been released for all white time healers and that I'm allowed to help spread this pure energy!

You can find more information in the following documents:
Letter about the initiation by Channie
Approved or not approved

Feel free to e-mail me to set a date to receive this initiation in person or at a distance (via Skype). The price is 750 Swedish Kroner for students and 3000 Kroner for approved teachers who also wish to help spread this beautiful energy. Because it's a price in Swedish Kroner, the exchange rate at the moment will apply.

The new initiation will also be a part of each of my Universal White Time Healing courses. Because it's a voluntary addition to each course, the price has not been included.