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Universal White Time Healing level 4

At the moment I don't give this course yet, but I expect to be initiated before the end of this year.

This is the second class of the higher school of the Universal White Time Healing. During this course you learn many things that will have an important positive effect on your spiritual development and future. This course will mean the start of a whole new phase in your spiritual development because it will open up many growth opportunities that you can then start to explore!

During this course the philosophy and background of White Time will be explained more, the Holy and Fundamental principles, Mother Earth, the Universe and All that Is. This knowledge will open you to a higher spiritual understanding and more insight. This will in time lead to full spiritual enlightenment.

In this course you learn many very advanced healing techniques like the removal of energetic implants and the treatment of many people or animals at the same time. Furthermore you will receive and learn several openings via stone layouts and meditations.

The level 4 workshop will include the following topics:
  • Learning the Holy and Fundamental Principles
  • Several techniques for cleansing the chakra's and soul urn
  • The manual removal of energetic implants and chords
  • The treatment of larger groups of people and/or animals at the same time
  • Learning to work with your ethereal fingers
  • Learning to use your ethereal wings
  • Deeper cleansing techniques connecting to the Highest of the Highest
  • Our new chakra system
  • Several White Time ceremonies
  • Learning to scan the body
  • Explanations of different types of people
  • Learning to communicate with animals
  • Learning and experiencing several beautiful gemstone layouts to open you at a deeper level to the universe, the galaxy, the parallel universe and the sun
  • Creating earth flowers and ocean flowers of energy
  • Learning the final complete Golden Movement
  • Explanations of the meaning of colours in the aura and the body. Learning more about illnesses and their colours.
  • Learning and gaining experience with extraterrestrial meditation techniques
  • And lots more!
As a special extra, it's recommended to also receive the New Initiation for Universal White Time Healing. Because this is a voluntary part of the course, the price is not included. For more information, please refer to: The New White Time Initiation .

Practical information:

This workshop is taught during five whole days (including a weekend), daily from 10-17 hours. Please arrive after 9:30 hrs.

The course costs 975 euro. This includes a certificate, the course material, coffee and tea.

During the day I will provide coffee and tea and during lunch I will provide a cup of soup. Please bring your own lunch.

Please refer to the News and Events page for the next dates I will be giving this course. Isn't a convenient date available? Then please contact me to plan your course!