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Universal White Time Healing level 3

This is the first class of the higher school of Universal White Time Healing. People usually chose very consciously to follow this course. After this course you can call yourself Healer Excellent for the World. People participating in this course will be opened to special gifts and unique possibilities.

This course will guide you towards feeling and seeing aura's. Much of what you learn, you will have to practice to obtain the best results. It all comes down to training, practicing and learning how to see and feel in a more subtle way.

During the course and the level III initiation 73 energy blocks will be opened that are all connected to clairvoyance and feeling.

The level 3 workshop will include the following topics:
  • Learning clairvoyance and feeling!
  • The most common aura formations and how to study them
  • A very advanced technique for cleansing the aura
  • Working with colours. You learn how to use different colours and shapes to balance the chakra system even more. How to cleanse yourself and others with rays of light and how to use them to protect yourself and to support the immune system.
  • Learning and experiencing an essential gemstone healing
  • Balancing the left and right side of the body on different levels. Balancing organs etc.
  • Learning to work with several cosmic symbols
  • Learning the Golden Movement part III
  • And lots more!
As a special extra, it's recommended to also receive the New Initiation for Universal White Time Healing. Because this is a voluntary part of the course, the price is not included. For more information, please refer to: The New White Time Initiation .

After this course and before you participate in UWTH level 4, it's possible to get two extra initiations. The first opens another 28 energy blocks that are connected to clairvoyance and feeling. The second again enhances your White Time channeling.
Practical information:

This workshop is taught during four whole days (including a weekend), daily from 10-17 hours. Please arrive after 9:30 hrs.

The course costs 600 euro. This includes a certificate, all initiations and upgrades, the course material, coffee and tea.

During the day I will provide coffee and tea and during lunch I will provide a cup of soup. Please bring your own lunch.

Please refer to the News and Events page for the next dates I will be giving this course. Isn't a convenient date available? Then please contact me to plan your course!