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Tessa Smit teaches me how to transform my life.

Universal White Time Healing level 2

This is the advanced class of Universal White Time Healing. It's a beautiful 2 day course that provides more possibilities and techniques to work with the White Time Energy. Via a meditation you will contact the White Time Source.

During this course you will learn several techniques to balance the body entirely. You learn how to balance chakra's. Also you will learn visualization techniques to create walls and tubes of light, techniques to cleanse the stomach and lungs, etc.

A part of this course is an upgrade that equals a Universal White Time treatment of 150 hours. Especially this upgrade will balance our energetic system. Also you will receive two upgrades that equal 250 and 550 hours of Universal White Time Healing. These upgrades are given a while after the course. These upgrades will enlarge your White Time channel. This enables you to channel more energy during a healing. These upgrades also serve to stimulate your spiritual growth.

The level 2 workshop includes the following topics:
  • How to balance yourself and others
  • Special techniques to balance the chakra's
  • Special techniques to cleanse the stomach and lungs
  • Techniques to create walls and tubes of light to enable the healing to linger longer
  • Working with White Divine Blessings of Light
  • Closing energy leaks
  • Working with special symbols to protect you from physical and non physical energies
  • Working with the light behind the light: HEDO
  • Learning the next part of the Golden Movement, the terrestrial part
  • And lots more!
As a special extra, it's recommended to also receive the New Initiation for Universal White Time Healing. Because this is a voluntary part of the course, the price is not included. For more information, please refer to: The New White Time Initiation .

Practical information:

This workshop is taught during two whole days (usually a weekend), daily from 10-17 hours. Please arrive after 9:30 hrs.

The course costs 300 euro. This includes a certificate, all initiations and upgrades, the course material, coffee and tea.

During the day I will provide coffee and tea and during lunch I will provide a cup of soup. Please bring your own lunch.

Please refer to the News and Events page for the next dates I will be giving this course. Isn't a convenient date available? Then please contact me to plan your course!