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Universal White Time Healing level 1

During a Universal White Time Healing (UWTH) workshop you will get acquainted with the universal energy of White Time. You will find out what this is and how you can work with it. Via contact with this Energy you will start to experience a heightened quality of life.

Material in realizing this is the fact that you can help yourself and your surroundings with this energy via healings. Also the workshop will serve to give some guidance to your personal development so you will become a worthy carrier of this special energy. Many tips and methods will be shared to enable you to inspire, heal and balance yourself and others.

Universal White Time Healing has been made available to us by highly developed spiritual beings that have witnessed Earth for millennia and recognized the need for this type of healing. The energy of UWTH was customized in frequency for humanity, the animal kingdom, nature, Mother Earth and situations in life. This healing is especially suited to heal physical, psychological and emotional troubles and issues.

UWTH is unique because the healer heals both past, present and the future in one go. This enables the energy to flow automatically to both the cause of an issue, the situation at present and the shadow it presently casts on the future.

The Healer contacts a special Source of this energy. White Time is white energy which means that it encompasses all colors en therefore can heal any lack of color/frequency. UWTH is a high frequency energy that can work on even the most subtle levels.

If this information appeals to you, you can chose to follow a workshop with me. Follow your hart and e-mail me so we can get acquainted. If you still have some doubts, don't hesitate to ask for more information.

The workshops don't only serve as a platform to share knowledge, also some energy blocks will be removed. With this I mean blocks that everyone has and that limit our intuition and higher insights. During the initiation you will be opened for the flow of this energy and also for the insight you will need to apply the energy correctly and with integrity.

During the course I will also prepare you for your life after the initiations that will make you more sensitive. With this extra information you will be able to find the strength in your sensitivity so you will operate from a strong base in stead of becoming susceptible to any influence that you encounter. This way you will develop yourself in a safe way to who you really are.

Many claims can be made on this subject, but I prefer to speak from my own experience. Through developing myself through the levels of Universal White Time Healing I've gained inner assurance on points that before that were question marks. I experience this as beneficial and strengthening to the core of my being.

The level 1 workshop will include the following topics:
  • A basic understanding of White Time
  • Opening the contact with the Source of Universal White Time Healing
  • What happens to a healer during a healing?
  • The Healer as a person.
  • How UWTH differs from other healing methods
  • How to give a contact healing to yourself and others
  • How to give a distance healing to yourself and others
  • Cleaning of the aura
  • Balancing the chakra's
  • How to give healing after an accident
  • How to heal animals, Mother Earth, the weather etc.
  • The Golden Movement, part 1
  • How to cleanse the aura with the Golden Movement part 1 and other ways to work with this energy
  • Powerful Healing Symbols
  • Initiations: 13 large energy blocks will be removed to enable you to understand and use Universal White Time Healing
  • And lots more!
As a special extra, it's recommended to also receive the New Initiation for Universal White Time Healing. Because this is a voluntary part of the course, the price is not included. For more information, please refer to: The New White Time Initiation .

Practical information:

This workshop is taught during two whole days (usually a weekend), daily from 10-17 hours. Please arrive after 9:30 hrs.

The course costs 300 euro. This includes a certificate, the course material, coffee and tea.

During the day I will provide coffee and tea and during lunch I will provide a cup of soup. Please bring your own lunch.

Please refer to the News and Events page for the next dates I will be giving this course. Isn't a convenient date available? Then please contact me to plan your course!