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Board of Angels

The Board of Angels is a part of the Board of Knowledge that represents the source energy of Angels. This energy is represented by 36 signs that allow those who have been initiated to connect to and use this beautiful energy. You will be working with the essence of Angels that forms the basis of all types of Angels.
Board of Angels energy can increase serendipity, create new possibilities, invite unexpected solutions, receive amazing help and inspire great ideas. Whenever you connect to this energy, you will attract Angels into your life. Angels will rejoice in your use of this energy that represents the basis for their existence.

On one hand, this course will introduce you to an energy that is much higher than anything we will ever be able to understand. On the other hand applying this energy is very easy and simple.
The beautiful, soft energy of  the Board of Angels and its Signs shines through in the humble softness of the power, quality, full meaning and in the whole feeling of the course. You can use what you learn in the course in many ways and the course gives many suggestions and applications of the energy to enrich your daily life.
This course is about 'Care", given in truth and honesty from the heart in a soft, embracing way. A holy embrace of caring for people, animals and nature in many ways. Nothing is too small or insignificant. Nothing is too big or overpowering. This means we can work with anything from a single atom to Mother Earth, the Universe, the Blue Creation, the Beyond etc. So this course offers many practical uses and fantastic new possibilities to open up.

Naturally, people who work with the Angels will also work on their own spirituality, growth and development and it doesn't get much better than that!

The Board of Angels workshop will include the following topics:
  • Information about the energetic structure behind our Creation.
  • Connecting to the Board of Angels
  • How to perform Angel Healings
  • How to perform BoA Ceremonies for nature
  • How to perform BoA Ceremonies for experiencing and sharing Angel Love
  • How to give BoA Initiations to yourself and others
  • How to perform an opening Ceremonie for spiritual development and growth for yourself and others
  • How to give BoA upgrades to yourself and others
  • How to charge water with BoA energy for yourself and others
  • BoA Meditations
  • And lots more!
Practical information:

This workshop is taught during two whole days (usually a weekend), daily from 10-17 hours. When taking the course in person, please arrive on my address in Venlo, Netherlands, after 09:30 hrs. AM. When taking the course in person, please ensure you book a hotel in Venlo for the night. E.g. Campanile Venlo is on walking distance. I can pick you up from the train station or from Eindhoven/Weeze/Düsseldorf airport.
It's also possible to take the course via skype or facetime. In that case, the initiations belonging to the course are given on distance as well. In the case of time differences, different times can be arranged.

The course costs 850 euro. This includes a certificate and the course material.It's possible to buy 5 small morganite stones and a blue topaz stone during the course, but it's recommended to buy them yourself before the course. A good webshop is: http://www.crystalfantasy.co.uk/html/rare.html or you can visit a stone tradefair in your neighbourhood (German/Austrian/Dutch dates mentioned under Termine on www.Lapis.de) It is also recommended for people taking the course on distance, to buy some destilled water.

During the day I will provide coffee and tea and during lunch I will provide a cup of soup (not applicable for the course via skype/facetime). Please bring your own lunch and inform me about dietary restrictions before the course.

Please refer to the News and Events page for the next dates I will be giving this course. No convenient date available? Then please contact me to plan your course!