Healing & Beyond

Tessa Smit teaches me how to transform my life.

Beyond Course

What is Reality?
Where did everything existing come from and where is it all going?
How do you fit in? What is Life?
If Life is a Game, what are its Rules?
What is its purpose?
Who are the players?
Who in the world are you?
And who could you be in other worlds and places?
Do you have one Higher Self or many?
What is Spirituality?
What has happened 200 million years ahead of schedule and is affecting you now?
What is your part in all of this?
What is the smallest yet strongest thing inside of you?
How can you see The Big Picture?
Could you connect to things that are Ultimate?
Does Divineness have levels?
Where are they?
What is Divine?
How can you know more?
How can you expand the most in the shortest amount of time?
What even is Time?
Why are things like they are?
What kind of an education is this?
What can it do for you?
Can you make a difference?
Who are you, really?
What is really going on?

If these are questions that arouse your interest, the Beyond course is definitely “your cup of tea”.
It’s not my talent to describe in a few words a course that in more than 800 pages of text, meditations and drawings is but a brief summary of the vast knowledge that is described.
But from my own experience I can tell you:
  • This course answered the questions above for me.
  • This knowledge has opened me for more life wisdom and awareness than anything I’ve done before. Where before I was grateful to discover a grain of truth, now an entire treasure trove was opened!
  • By contacting this energy, I’ve become aware of my deepest foundation.
I’m intensely grateful that through these insights I’ve not only helped myself but I’m also radiating my growth to the people around me and even to my higher self!

So far I give courses in level 1 and 2 of the Beyond course.

I’m inviting you