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Angelic Healing with Gemstones

This course is taught as a complement to the Board of Angels class, but it is also meant to be a separate class on it's own, an Angelic Healing class with Gemstones. The gemstones help to manifest the energy in a very profound way.

Stones specialize in a certain energy and many people already know that for instance wearing certain stones is helpful to inspire and balance them. So what makes this course diffferent? Just like you can have a "click" with people that you get along with because the level of your energies is compatible, stones can have a similar compatibility. The synergy between the stones creates a "third field" where the energy fields of each stone together create an effect that is more than the sum of it's parts. The course shows you exactly how to combine 36 stones to benefit from not only the energy of each stone but also from their special "team effort".

This course provides ways to connect to angel energies in a simple, down to earth way that doesn't require months of daily meditation or a big background in energy work. During the course you will learn easy ways to:

  • Access peace and tranquility in your life
  • Step into the flow of life, inviting new things
  • Balance and harmonize life in new ways
  • Access light and hope for new endeavors and opportunities
  • Access new force and stronger stamina

You will also learn:

  • How to encode water with very strong energy to bless your day to day and to gift to others and to nature in endless supply
  • New meditations to do alone or in a group setting to relax and upgrade your energy
  • To send healing to yourself, others, nature and anything you can think of
  • To connect to your Ultimate Higher Self
  • How to perform stone lay-outs for yourself and others
  • How to open up a Universal Energy Portal to balance nature
  • How to perform an outdoor ceremony for Earth alone or with friends

And last but not least, you will receive a comprehensive manual explaining each part of the course in detail. I teach this class both in person, in Venlo Netherlands, as on distance via Skype .

If this course is your first stone course and you feel insecure about finding the correct stones and combining them into a strong stone set, buying a set may be a convenient option. The 36 stones used are mostly common stones that you may already have but if you subscribe to this course fast, I may also be able to provide you with a stone set that already has balanced energies. No matter which stone of a certain kind you buy, it will have the correct energy, provided it is a pure specimen that isn't mixed with other stones. And the set of stones comprised of these pure specimens will always "work". However, if you are new to working with energies or with stones, finding the rights ones may seem daunting. So buying a stone set from me instead of assembling one yourself is just a way to set your mind at ease, if needed.