Healing & Beyond

Tessa Smit teaches me how to transform my life.

About Me

My personal development is an important item on my to-do list. At first I was looking for practical tips and tricks, but along the way I became more and more interested in spiritual insights.

It’s still an adventure to discover myself… I discovered talents I never suspected I had:
  • Insight in Healing energy and the possibilities to share it with others
  • Insight in energies between people, but also in the “bigger picture”: The Beyond.
The biggest gift I've received is the better and deeper contact with both my deepest and my highest self. This enables me to live and manifest my core qualities.

Now I feel I have found a path for my continuing growth and development in the most profound way.
And on June seventh 2012 my dedication to continuous improvement has been recognised by my newest initiation ! I am so glad that I can now help share this beautiful energy with all that can benefit from it, like I have!

The energy treatments I give, give me the opportunity to help others and to gain further insight into these energies at the same time.

The courses I give are a chance for me to grow even more through sharing my knowledge and insights.

I feel humble and deeply grateful for these beautiful opportunities and welcome them with great joy!


Spiritual education:

  • Holistic Pulsing
  • Reiki level 1 and 2
  • Communicating with animals
  • Universal White Time Healing level 1-4
  • Universal White Time Gemstone Healing level 1-4
  • Universal White Time Healing teacher level 1-4
  • Assistant Head Teacher for Germany Universal White Time Healing level 1
  • Supreme Teacher level 1
  • Beyond course level 1-6
  • Beyond teacher level 1 and 2
  • Beyond healing level 1+2
  • Board of Knowledge 1-5
  • Board of Angels
  • Board of Angels teacher
  • Board of Gems 1 and 2
  • Angelic Healing with Gemstones
  • 2nd Reality class
  • Absolute Board
  • Sun Board
  • Transformation Game Facilitator full accreditation
  • Metaphors of Movement
  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy