Tessa Smit


Welcome to my website: Healing & Beyond.

Do you like to indulge in positive energy? Are you curious and do you want to find out more about yourself and how you can work with this energy?
Universal White Time Healing can help you to regain and improve your balance and to protect your energy. This way you can use it to build a strong foundation for your life as a sensitive person.

Since 2007 Universal White Time Healing has been the beacon on my path to enlightenment. It has a subtle but profound way of enticing any energy system to become the best version of itself and will do this for you as well !
By representing pure perfection, it provides a very positive energy to a person, situation, animal or plant that is treated, inviting it to regain it's balance and heighten it's frequency.

If you do the courses to learn to work with this energy, you will increase your frequency as well. In my experience this has led me to leave behind old thought patterns, problems and negative behavior that was incompatible with this higher energy.

Since learning to give myself healing, I've become much more positive in my thoughts and actions, I've lost 30 kilo's of excess weight, found a boyfriend after years of being single and I've written a book about how to do this: www.thankmeverymuch.com.
Who knows what free choice combined with healing will do for you?!

Since June 7th 2012 I have been granted the priviledge to give Universal White Time Healers a new initiation: a great honour! More information can be found here: the New White Time Initiation.

Currently I give the following courses: Naturally, the Universal White Time Healing courses can also be combined with the new White Time Initiation.

You can enjoy the following treatments both in person in my house in Venlo, the Netherlands and on distance: I hope you will be as enthousiastic about them as I am!

In Love and Light,
Tessa Smit